History of the Sam Industrial Valves Co.

In 1981 a small set with the aim of manufacturing and distribution of health and utility vehicles, was formed in the early years of the Islamic revolution was decided and foreign was decided and foreign military bases and water supplies within the country with the same quality and replace that with the initial production failed to enter the process of production of industrial Cast Iron valves in 1984 was the first success, they accepted it and it was the internal consumer market and finally in 1991 the company produced and broadcasted industrial valves SAM was established. The increasing success and resist all the problems and sustainability in the initial target, SAM’s place which according to many manufacturing companies in this field and the arrival of foreign goods has always been the names of the production quality and quality products are the predominate Sam Classy for buyers and consumers have been well.

Our Goals

The honor of Sam is to serve this industry and provide the best service with five years of warranty and after-sales service and installation of facilities and water supply. We hope to take a positive step with the help of all the industry lovers.

Our Philosophy

Industrial Shelves Company Sam is the first producer and distributor of cast iron and bronze valves for the installation and supply of water and alternative foreign sources in Iran that has been able to prevent the mass importation of Eastern and European blocks.
The products of this company include 5 years warranty and after-sales service.

The honor of Sam is to serve this industry and provide the best service with two years of warranty and after-sales service, and the installation of facilities and water supply. We hope to take a positive step with the help of all the industry lovers.


Membership in the Industry Association
Membership in the Association of specialized centers of research and development of industries and mines
Member of the Standardization Commission at the National Iranian Institute
Has a certificate of industrial activity from the Ministry of Industry
Certificate of Commitment to Environmental Basis
Has ISO certificates from German Tof Company

Our Services

Production and supply of various types of industrial valves, in the field of:

Water supply, facilities, steam and agriculture, and provide a variety of after-sales service and warranty services.


Solid powder system is used for SAM coating which is a seamless and comprehensive coating.

  • Thicknss 150 micron
  • Resistant to all environmental and cilimate factors
  • Strong adherence to the metal
  • Resisting against seaming
  • Resistant against strikes
  • Solid surface

Our honors

Our capabilities

Lifetime service
Pressure Resistance
Oxidation resistance
Sediment Resistance

Customers comments

  • Dear Valve Sam company The active participation and constructor of this respectable company are grateful and grateful in the first specialized exhibition and exhibition, construction materials and related industries. From the beginning of our mission, we will be glad to help you to succeed and produce the standard building materials and economic development of our beloved country. Mehdi Pourshahim Director General of Standard and Industrial Research of Tehran Province  

    Mahdi PourHashem

Our company members

  • Eng. Ahmad Orami
    Eng. Ahmad Orami
  • Mr Sarafzadeh
    Mr Sarafzadeh
  • Mr Khorami
    Mr Khorami
  • Mr Mohseni
    Mr Mohseni
  • Mr Malaei
    Mr Malaei
  • Mr Mousavi & Mr Fahimian
    Mr Mousavi & Mr Fahimian
  • Mr Khosravi
    Mr Khosravi
  • Eng. Shayan Sharifi
    Eng. Shayan Sharifi Website Designer And Manager

few of our clients

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